Thursday, July 18, 2013


It really bugs me that a friend of mine who lost her job and has fallen on hard times,  decided to give up her cell phone that was required of her by her employer. But, she couldn't get off the hook. She couldn't  even use it where she lives, because the cell towers don't reach the spot in the canyon where she lives. Is that unfair?  The major companies will deal with you, but small companies stick it to you. Hers is Golden State Cellular. Diss them.

So, from Sage Harmon comes this good advice:

Have you ever been surprised by what you find on your phone bill?  Charges you're not aware of showing up on your monthly statement - text message limits, data fees, miscellaneous charges - who knows? That's why I prefer a no-contract service plan.  No-contract plans will not tie you down with long-term commitments. You pay for your monthly service fee and that’s it - no other obligation. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel it and switch to another provider.   With no-contract plans, be it phone or broadband, you have the peace of mind that you pay according to your usage. If you are on  a budget, you can opt to pay the same amount every month. Check out this website.

They provide specs on various popular no-contract plans, reviews, pros and cons. Some plans are devoted to seniors. You can compare plans and learn which ones cover your local area.

Sage Harmon.

 As for me, it helps to give the big guys some competition and save you  money at the same time.   I'm on my son's family plan with AT&T which is great for me because I don't get reliable service where I live either.  But when I want to upgrade my phone, they won't let me pay for the upgrade, they want to give it to me at a highly reduced cost, then my son's family has to approve another two-year contract.
And, the family plan idea is very little used. They don't advertise it. Their service covers more people than they have in their family, so I get included in their plan. Without them, I would probably not own a cell phone.
More and more I see advertisements from smaller companies providing services. In fact, my friend Ginnie Palumbo, from New Jersey, makes money from home selling cell service from a start-up company and get's a commission on every one she sells plus a free phone and service. Neat deal. I hope people who have tried a small company let me know how good or bad their experience has been.

Thanks for bringing cell phone contracts to my attention, Sage.

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