Saturday, November 17, 2012


Relaxing is hard for me. I tend to be on the go as much as I can. (Jim made me promise I won’t be up on the roof for at least a week.) We both laughed.
I started a book at the hospital, Tracy Chevelier’s The Virgin Blue, which I finished yesterday. It wasn’t as good as her first book, Girl With A Pearl Earring.  But, anytime I can learn about the superstitions of the 14th through 17th Centuries, primitive Swiss houses without chimney and hearth, the religious war between the Catholics and Huguenots, the hardscrabble life from field to mouth…it makes clear how fortunate we are. We or ancestors to thank for bringing us to this point of survival.  I look around my modern house and revel in my good fortune.

Despite my plant purge this summer, I still have a healthy jungle to please the eye.

I know I would miss them if they were all gone.

They take away the starkness of the brick.

I kept one Christmas cactus and it bloomed early, while I was in the hospital.

A cheerful greeter.

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