Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I had a picture of a yarn taxi and lost it somewhere in my voluminous files.  I spent enough time looking for it this morning and decided to skip it. The subject of today’s blog is something entirely new to me, yarn bombing, or knitted graffiti. I didn’t get to see this scene cartooned in Yankee Magazine where three women, at the base of a tree,  knitted furiously at night when nobody was looking. It is known as yarn bombing.

It started because knitting a scarf or a hat after awhile is boring.  They’ve turned their knitting hobby into something public and happy. As one person termed it, “polite” graffiti.  They’ve knitted a 46 foot long rainbow over a railing. They knitted mustaches to disguise themselves as they knitted just to make it more fun.  Now they work openly in the daytime because everyone seems to like their whimsical work.
It does soften a park bench.  Now, I’m trying to learn more about the yarn taxi cab and where it came from and how to get another picture of it. Yarn bombing started in 2005 and can be found from Australia to Finland.  And, technically, it is illegal. I’m always amazed at the result of an imaginative mind. Swinging!

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