Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It isn’t everyday you sell a van the very first day you advertise it and to the very first caller.  It was priced right. I bought it in January and here it is, two months later, and its gone. The process took most of the day, between calls from the prospective buyer, then directions from about 90 miles away, and finally, Ahmad and his friend Louis came up, paid me cash and drove away.

Ahmad didn’t look very happy about the purchase, but he definitely wanted it. More likely he didn’t want his picture taken, but I did ask. Normally I wouldn’t take a picture of someone buying my van, but his friend Louis was a much more personable fellow and I wanted to take a picture of his rings.

Louie knows how to smile and he was  sprouting some heavy turquoise.  Though you can’t see it, he wears a long grey ponytail.

He makes his own jewelry. I’m ever surprised by men who wear multiple rings, or earrings, and such;  things once considered the domain of women. Maybe men who wear ponytails and ostentatious jewelry are happier people? After they were gone and I got back from the bank, Karen reminded me it was neighbor Suzy’s birthday.

We walked over and surprised her with a card and a bottle of her favorite “pink” wine.  We tried to call, but the line was busy, busy, busy.

I never remember people’s birthdays. We didn’t celebrate birthdays in our family except to have the choice of our favorite home cooked meal. Little fan fare, and some desert. A cake for those who liked cake, but most of us preferred pie. Karen likes birthdays and it was her idea. She also brought a bowl of chocolate candies with a candle.

Suzy’s goldens, Tucker and Carson,  mobbed Karen. They can always tell an animal lover.

Ron kept the wine glasses filled until, shoot, it was time to call it a day and jump the fence back home for dinner.

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