Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday was a long drive and a long day. I had an appointment in Modesto, a one hour and 30 minute drive,  with an Implant Periodontist, which is a dental specialist. But, before my appointment, I wanted to do two things in the city that I cannot do in Murphys. Go to an Apple Store and get help with my Ipod and go to an AT&T Store and get help with my new  phone.  Does the picture above look like a store?

It didn’t look like one to me, either. I learned you are supposed to go on-line and make an appointment. That’s a novel idea. I guess it makes sense, since I needed help, not a device. The walls are filled with items for sale, though.  I waited at this table with others who had appointments. They fit me in.

Jason was very nice and patient. He re-registered my device and saved my music. According to the woman I waited with, she comes down with 10 things on a list she wants to learn on her Ipod and they give her a lesson and she takes notes. Then, she returns with a new list until she gets it. If you live close to an Apple Store, that works.
No one pressured me into buying anything, but I did buy a charger.  And you can see, out came a drawer to make change. It actually is a store.
I got to my dental appointment, but didn’t make it to the phone store. I learned you must have an appointment for your phone, too.  I then drove on another 78 miles  to Oakland to meet my property manager and looked over my rental to see what work needs to be done.

It was pretty dirty, but I was glad I made the trip. Haven’t been there in several years. Decided to do away with the wallpaper. Looked on-line how to do faux bellagio, an Italian wall design.  Returned home by 7:00 p.m. for a late dinner. Phone has to wait for another time.


Nannie Livingstone said...

Oh, so how was the dental appointment? Did you go to it as planned? Hmm, a friend of mine needed to go on-line when she needed an appointment with Apple regarding her iPod. You're lucky to get the appointment right there. BTW, do you have the phone already?

Mary Matzek said...

Hi Nannie,
I did get to my dentist. A periodontist. She gave me great advice almost the opposite of what my dental hygienist was telling me. Yes, I have the Ipod, but it is not a phone. My cell is just a simple one. I only use it on the road.