Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday, I was dealing with my art fix in Mendocino and I didn’t  show you the town.  Brightly painted, well-kept buildings, small gardens here and there.  A mystery is the water towers. Does that mean a scarcity of fresh water here? I don’t know the answer to that, but they rise majestically above everything.

They are interesting and strong.

Built like railroad trestles.

An edifice that combines a water tower with a viewing platform faces the headlands. It also gives access to the appropriately named Bayview Cafe on the second story of the building next to it.

We wandered into this charming garden with lavender, alyssum, and an angels trumpet up next to a small gift shop-closed at that point.

Angels trumpet grows white or yellow, both beautiful.

A friendly bench beckoned.  If it fit in the motor home, I would have taken it home with me.

Beautiful stained glass at Mendocino Jewelry Studio.

If you like kaleidoscopes, Reflections specializes in them. Beautiful home crafted woods and quality glass. Nice, nice, and pricey. The store has an intriguing  kaleidoscopic image quilted wall hanging. Unusual.


I chuckled at this whimsical place setting.

Fused glass by Theresa Kowalski, at Panache Gallery.

The bulletin fence teaches you a lot about the character of the town, which is where I learned about the Marijuana Patients Rights Union. This is a fun place. Contemporary, friendly. You could detect a buzz of happiness in the people you met.

A last swing by the headlands, and we were on our way to Cloverdale.

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