Sunday, October 2, 2011


I’ve been escorted into very active, interesting neighborhoods in Portland during my real estate search.  The street art alone is a reason to visit this city. Portland reminds me of Berkeley on College Ave. Ethnic restaurants, book stores, sidewalk cafes, coffee houses, students with back packs, bicyclers, walkers, green space.  Recycling receptacles at every park and grocer. A wonderful sense of community. Besides, they have
Jakes Resturant.
I didn’t get to take pictures while condo shopping, but I did when I visited in 2009.  These pictures were taken around the old Courthouse Square.

The sign was in the trash. Guess he gave up or got enough money to get on the bus.

Fountains, water fall, sculpture.

One of several beautiful old churches around town.

Beautiful buildings, but no too many.

An architect with a sense of humor and history.

A famous rose garden.

And a city surrounded by green space. What more can you ask?
I got it. A competent, honest, efficient Real Estate Agent in Jessica Christopherson of Soldera Properties. Solid.

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