Thursday, October 6, 2011


Martha McClean and Essya Nabbali  are doing well at Sacred Heart Medical Center near Eugene, Oregon.  Hit by driver Neil Lawson on the Oregon Coast Bike Route on October 3rd, between Port Orford and Gold Beach, there is still no news about what charges will be filed against Lawson.  After blogging about this horrific accident, I learned there is a raging community of bicyclists out there who feel a necessity to continually fight for their biking rights in a world “devoted” to the automobile. Their anger over this accident is understandable, and anger sometimes moves people to positive action.
Martha and Essya not only survived, but Essya wrote a letter to update our readers about their condition.   It is humbling and gratifying to read the positive attitude and joy of this bike trip despite the accident that nearly took their lives.
Essya, if you read this, please look in at the many people who were concerned, who hoped fervently as we did that you and Martha would return to become whole people again. We are so thankful that you both are doing well and that the prognosis is positive.
Hi Mary and Jim,
Thank you for taking these pics and for blogging about your recollection of the event that took place on October 3, 2011. It has been hard to read through it all; and worse, look at the pictures. But neither Martha or I have any memories of what exactly happened that day, so we are very much indebted to you. And I know our families, particularly our parents, feel similarly… THANK YOU!!!!
Highway 101, as I am sure you`ve noticed, in considered ‘Oregon Coast Bike Route’ and is world renown for its scenic views and safe travel, with many signs announcing the presence of cyclists throughout, especially on bridges and in tunnels. Martha and I have only the best of experiences to return home to Canada with. We both wholeheartedly enjoyed our journey from Vancouver to Port Orford, having met the kindest of souls who often provide us more room on the road than not, offer us places to stay at night, and give us business cards just in case anything should happen.
We were on day 17, with only 17 more left to go, when we were struck on Monday. I haven`t heard a peep from the police about the investigation and the charges that may or may not be laid on the man who hit us. Frustratingly enough! But I can report that Martha has gone from critical condition in the ICU to stable. She is breathing on her own, talking here and there, and even attempting her first steps earlier today. This is a significant improvement from yesterday`s prognosis. I have a few broken bones but have been alert and well ever since they moved us from Curry County General Hospital to Sacred Heart Medical Centre near Eugene. I expect to be back in Canada by next week.
Again, many thanks for everything, including your warm thoughts and best wishes!
Essya (Bike 1; lady thrown in the embankment)

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