Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yesterday, we had an after breakfast visit with an engineer, lunch with a comedian, and caught up with a couple business women friends of Jim’s.

I have to admire couples who celebrate 59 years of marriage, like Jim and Joan Belluomini. They are rare.  From their home base in Lacey, they are avid ramblers and road warriors.  Jim B. sent  us on a quest for a new telephone, claiming you CAN get good service with the proper equipment. Never argue with an engineer.  We visited an AT&T store in Lacey and learned that newer phones connect to towers that older phones cannot. Jim’s phone does everything but wash the dishes. I expect to quit complaining about my poor phone service, at home and on the road, soon.

Shawn Newman, an attorney Jim met during their Public Access Television days in Olympia gives these Vietnamese sesame balls the evil eye. In fact he came hustling through the door and said, “Do you like Sesame balls?” his prelude to a comic monologue all through lunch. He took his dog to the vet because she had bad breath. So bad that when she sat on his chest in the middle of the night it was a command to get up and go outside.  The vet  handed him a  bag full of dog teeth,  “…they gave me the teeth like a car part?…”  but, it didn’t cure the problem.  Like me, an adventurous eater, we tried White Gourd Tea, and Penny Ginkgo Leaf Tea, (I may be fracturing the name.) . Both good, different. White Gourd tastes like caramel corn. The other more like pumpkin, wheat.

Whenever Jim hits his old hunting grounds, he looks up Kerri Kauffman, a long time friend. He teases her that she is dating the same guy after 13 years with no plans for marriage nor do they  live together. That is unusual in this day and age.

Then over to the CCTV Studio, where Debbie Vinsel has been manager for 22 years. They play catch-up with old friends, where they are, what they are doing  now, as old friends do. However, Debbie and I share a mutual friendship as well, Paul Moeller from CCTV Calaveras County.
I forgot to mention that Shawn reminded me of the program (radio) begun in the 1940′s called This I Believe.  And, I have to say, This I Believe, I learn something from everyone. The program is now available on-line.

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