Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Driving the "back-roads" from Monroe to  Yelm on our push south, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls Park and Hydro Electric Project on highway 202.  The first power plant was built above the dam in 1898-99. Stairs built to advantage the view of the falls is filled with adjectives, and breathtaking is one of them.

The fall roars and sends up so much mist it feels like a light rain. The river plunges 270 feet to the bottom, ten stories higher than Niagara falls.

Then, a rainbow greeted us as if on call.

Heavy mists back lighted by the sun created a scene to swallow those adjectives.  This beautiful place is well worth going out of your way to visit. Electrical generation now comes from two power plants, one above and one blow the falls. Workers are currently updating the plant to produce enough electricity for 40,000 homes. Seems a small number somehow, considering the millions it costs per year to keep the plants operating, and the millions to rebuild and update when sun power generation costs so little by comparison.
 Adjective concrete steps, sent us on our way with these words:  swirling, curling, smashing, crashing:

ripple, ebb, ruffle, roaring, misting, rumbling, tumbling, rushing.

gushing, sparkling, plunging, roiling, falling, cascading, flowing, pouring, twirling, swirling, whirling, splashing, backwater, current, soaking, misting, breathtaking, falls.

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