Sunday, September 25, 2011


Chehalis, the town, has a very historic feel to it, yet prosperous and friendly.

Triangle buildings. The St. Helen’ s Hotel. Now refurbished as apartments. The cross walks all have garden meridians and marble insets right in town. The town was founded in 1873.

Jim and I wondered if this building was up to code?

I like old buildings and there were many of them here. I stopped a woman on the street and asked her:  What is your favorite place in Chehalis?
She hemmed a bit. Sweet Inspirations, a restaurant came to mind. “Good food, good people, and they have a bathroom now,” she added.

Old wood, brick. Charming.

Another thing about the commercial buildings on the highway through town is the depth. Buildings here suggest a former thriving city.
“The Bakery,” the best, she said.

It smelled great when we walked by. "Oh, no, my very favorite place is the old mercantile. They’ve turned it into this fabulous gift shop. I’m in there looking every time I come to town." She explained to me that she was born and raised in Chehalis and went off to college and came back because she loved it here, even though there aren’t many high paying jobs. “Amend that to NO high paying jobs,” she laughed.  She explained that it has a small town feel. Everyone knows everyone. The business people are friendly and helpful. It’s a great place to live and raise children.

An independent book store, with a whole line of art supplies  that’s been open for at least 30 years. I value independent book stores over the chains.

I spotted a Pub And Grill and thought maybe they made home-brew. It wasn’t open, but M & K next door was. His barrel suggests he has 101 different kinds of wine. He said, “Oh, that was last year, I have more now. I just haven’t changed the sign.”

He has a good selection of craft beers.

He carries  mint products made in Chehalis. Candy, snacks and drinks, some alcoholic.

I didn’t much care for the gift shop, but the town as a whole looks cared for and happy.

This building was once a car dealership. Hard to imagine.

On the next street over “downtown” continued with more modern buildings if you call that old Zenith sign Modern. Nice town. Beauty shops, computer repair, huge hardware, anything you need. It sits halfway between Olympia and Portland and me thinks they get plenty of “tourists”.

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