Tuesday, September 13, 2011



The Chinese people manage to get nearly everything done from their cycles, be they two, three or four-wheeled human-powered vehicles. I saw big loads on two wheelers, such as whole families crammed on one bike, but nothing as amazing as these. I’ve posted them once, but after the fun of exploring my trip to China, I thought it would be interesting to see them again.

Makes you wonder how these fragile flowers could possibly be loaded.

If you look at the background, you can see that this was taken in Shanghai.

I think this is a woman pedaling.

Shanghai again.  Notice the English street sign.

In China, vehicular traffic travels very slowly and there is less of it, or these people would never make it across town.
Wouldn’t they make a mint in the U.S. working for moving companies, teaching how to pack things?

Obviously one man does the jobs;  no help ever in sight.

No bike, but human powered.

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