Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday, we left  Mt. Vernon Thousand Trails for the second time.  It was raining slightly, but, even so,  the weather was just beginning to warm up in what we would have to consider a cool summer. After  many years without swimming I had worked my self up to five laps in their Olympic sized pool, and without so much as a warning, they closed it for the season.

Its beautiful enough to have your wedding here.  Last weekend,  I happened to catch an unknown bride and groom having their pictures taken on the lawn above the pool. A flowered arch and chairs were set up in the meadow for the ceremony. The lodge was reserved for the reception.

Besides the pool, the deep woods to walk through, has made this a very pleasant stay and one of my favorite parks.

On the way to Monroe, we stopped to buy a special LED light bulb and got waylaid by road work in progress.  The  road crew of 15 people had six men, the rest were women.  What a hoot watching women drive steam rollers, water trucks, and other heavy equipment.

Normally, a road crew has one or two token women, and they are relegated to traffic controllers.
We settled into Monroe Thunderbird snuggled next to the Skykomish River. Jim is an Eagle and suggested we go to Sultan for Taco Tuesday.

We met Jerry who introduces his wife as his bride, Karen. He quit smoking and hasn’t lit his cigar in over 30 years.  He just chews on it a bit, obviously with great pleasure.

And Chief Mike, a career cop. He worked P.D.’s and the Sheriffs Department in the area and ended his career as  Chief of Police of Gold Bar,WA.;  a long time Eagle, race car builder and driver. The colorful racing jacket belonged to a  friend of his,  Jimmy Johnson.
Most of the fraternal clubs have standard beer, but this one had a craft brew, Manny’s Amber Ale, good and bitter.  Mike bought us a beer and we went home happier than we should have.  Back at Thunderbird,  I discovered their pool is still open.

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