Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We left Decatur and moved to beautiful Harter Park in Union City, Indiana. The park is extensive and one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. It has hookups for the motor home, electric and water, besides. Over grassy hills and dales I biked and viewed the various sections and found several places to have group barbeques; an equestrian arena with barn; fishing pond with a small island; numerous playgrounds for all ages; a canine area for dogs to play within a fenced enclosure. A skateboard area; tennis courts, volley ball, baseball, olympic sized swimming pool. A small creek with several bridges runs through it. Let me tell you I was impressed. So, what do I choose as a single picture since we are limited by Verizon on our uploads?
An Amish woman rounding the corner in her buggy.
 I don't know why we become so fascinated by what we consider unusual. I heard someone mention, in fact it was our tour guide at Fleetwood, Tom was a Mennonite,  there are many in the area who farm in Decatur and here in Union City as well, we learned.

I got curious about the difference between a Mennonite and an Amish person. I learned the Amish are a subset of the Mennonites. I suppose it isn't anything unusual around here, but it made for interesting reading on Wikipedia. And thus, the woman in the photo above is probably a Mennonite, not Amish at all. She wears blue and when we visited the Amish Community in Pennsylvania, black was the only color dresses they wore. Click on the links below for more information.



We'll be holding up at a Thousand Trails over the busy holiday weekend and I'll catch up with the museum, the park and such when we are set.

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