Monday, August 9, 2010


It's small quarters to have visitors in a motor home, but Pat, Diane and Simone came and crowded in for a few minutes before moving into Wendy and Jim Jaillet's spacious house here in Ivoryton.
Jaime's middle name is Simone and she is named for her first cousin, twice removed. Its always a pitfall to figure out cousin positions for the purpose of defining how they are related and I'm hoping I have that right from my forays into genealogy. Not that it matters. What really matters is that occasionally everyone makes it a point to get together.
 Over lunch, we talked about that quite a bit, that we've become the oldest generation, and the family history often resides in our memories. Its important to share those things that you think about once in awhile. "Wasn't she the daughter of...?  Where did Aunt Irene get married?  Maybe the same church we did. No, it was the depression, they had a small ceremony.  I have a picture you might like a copy of."  And so it goes.
It always seems a surprise that the younger generation grows up so much from the last time you saw them, though we all know it happens.  (Jaime, Jocelyn and Eric Jaillet.)
 Young couples engaged in raising their families, with work, school, and extra circular activities-it practically takes an act of congress to get the whole family together at the same time. I remember those days. Eric, for instance, had a meeting to attend before guests arrived. He came back with a prize from a drawing, dirt bike tires.
 Jocelyn helped make the dessert she is dishing up, a fresh peach crumble with raspberries. She babysits and tutors young school kids. Age fifteen, she is an excellent student and loves poetry.

The dessert was delicious, but also signals the end of lunch, and soon everyone was on their way, promising to get in touch again soon.
Jaime, Jim and I each won a game of Quiddler. She also won a game of checkers on-line (with Jim's help.) Jaime said she had never slept in a motor home. Our first overnight guest.
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