Monday, August 30, 2010


Blogging from the road has its draw backs. We use a Verizon card for our computers and we've gone over our allotment by about two days. Like all companies, they set things up to their benefit, not ours. If we don't use the it, we can't carry the time over from one month to the next. But if we go over, it costs an arm and a leg.  Plus they give you the same amount of time for a 30 day month as a 31 day month. So, by treading lightly, we hope to make it through the next two days without going overboard. Thus, one picture of our visit to the Decatur Historical Society Museum, housed in the Dugan home built in 1902.
Above is the Cozy Room  a volunteer was enjoying  when we arrived. I will finish this another day.

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