Friday, November 6, 2009


I received an intriguing comment from Canada Guy about junk mail. His point being that junk mail should be banned and our leaders should take up the subject, no-DO IT- in Copenhagen at the Global Warming Summit.
I detest the stuff. Even so, I understand how banning it would interfere with the advertisers freedom of speech- enterprise- if you will. My opinion? It ain't gonna happen.

Consider the guy who loves junk mail. He gets on as many lists as he can. He loves catalogs especially. He has an airtight Fisher stove and he heats his house with junk mail. He has to use a little wood for a long sustained fire, but he has learned how to build the paper fire, get the stuff like magazines and catalogs to burn, and heat his house. He says, "...what more can you ask? Free fuel, delivered free to your door."

While the story is true, I consider his attitude irresponsible. I'm overwhelmed with wood and for most of the 33 years I've lived on this property, I haven't burned wood. If I allow it to decay slowly on my property, it releases carbon at a slow, natural rate. Burning it releases carbon and heavy particulate quickly and absolutely destroys the air quality. In fact, Calaveras County finally got smart and the planning department will no longer approve homes that use wood stoves or fireplaces as their only source of heat. The trouble is, a back-up stove, such as mine, can be used anyway you want after the planning department signs off.
Back to junk mail. A Do Not Mail List is the way to go. It gives me freedom of choice to close out unwanted advertising and many people would do it if they could.
Canada Guy has a number of interesting things on his website and blog. Some day, we will all have to come to terms with our destructive ways and the smart business owner will quit fighting it and make it happen. Check Canada Guy out at:

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