Sunday, November 15, 2009


My grandson Owen hides among the figures on a downtown Davis mural.
Theo learns basketball with wonderful coaches at a city program for kids.

This is Davis. Except for the University identification, who would know Davis exists? Its just off Highway 80 between Sacramento and San Francisco, but its whole identity is the university. Well, it was so at one time. A medium small agricultural community between here and there. It doubled its growth during the last 15 years and the community has grown into one of those extremely desirable places to live.
My young grandsons have mega opportunities for recreation, education, sports activities. The schools are great. People are friendly. Bike paths and walking trails under roads and tracks make this community accessible for humans as well as vehicles.
A cozy downtown where walk and shop are thriving. One would never guess we are in a depression. Public art and good restaurants makes the experience even better.
The boys are great savers and when they accumulate a few dollars, they go to Bizarro World to shop.

And, comparing childhoods, they live in a bizarre world. Theo, age 7 is better at math than I am. His older brother has a better vocabulary. The games they play are Yu-Gi-Oh. It requires a whole different language that I can't begin to understand.
They delineate the complexities of why the computer electronics are not following the rules with a patience I can hardly understand.
I look at this new world through their eyes and can't help but think, Oh, what a wonderful world we live in.
I told them, if you become an inventor, please invent, for me, a self cleaning garage. I just want to press a button and have the whole thing clean, the nails in the right cans, the spider webs swished off the windows and all the paint cans properly labeled.
Hey, you think?

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