Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here is how the story goes. A metal detector got misplaced in a load of loose hay that was also hauling sheep. When the detector was located, it had a metal part missing. The owner wondered if one of the sheep had eaten it. She passed the detector over one sheep and it beeped as the receptor was passed over it's spine. Quite surprised, she ran it over all four of her sheep. It beeped for all four. Now, her question was, will it beep when passed over a human spine?

Hey, my new avocation is chasing rumors, attending festivities and visiting local attractions. I guess I can add a bit of "detecting." Three adults later, the answer is nope!
My advice: Buy a better metal detector. A new one with all of its parts. Read the instructions carefully. (I neglected to tell her sheep won't eat metal.)

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