Monday, May 11, 2015


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Jim left my house on Thursday to slowly make the drive to Rogue River, where my new house is under construction.
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You can see the berm I had put in to protect hoses that carry well water from my upper lot to this one. It is a huge project because of our serious drought. I have three new soaker hoses, connectors, two new 100 foot hoses and two fifty foot hoses hoping to keep my plants alive during this projected 10 year drought.
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I made the long drive on Saturday to rendezvous with Jim. Saves me the price of a hotel for the days that I’m here and is a good stop on his way north to Washington.
DSC06557 (Copy)
The front deck is partly in place.
DSC06558 (Copy)
The living room paint is dry, waiting for electrical installation.
DSC06559 (Copy)
Master bathroom.
DSC06560 (Copy)
Master bedroom.
DSC06561 (Copy)
Walking toward the 2nd bedroom/office at the opposite end of the house.
DSC06562 (Copy)
DSC06563 (Copy)
I didn’t take a picture of the kitchen. I guess I got distracted by this little buck, shyly peeking around the storage shed.
DSC06554 (Copy)
He settled right in next to construction materials by the fence and looked at us as though we were invading his home site.
DSC06555 (Copy)
Go away, he seemed to say. And then, he was joined later by a brother who bolted when we got too close. Jim tossed them some lettuce that was getting old. One buck  took a bite and decided he liked grass better.
DSC06565 (Copy)
We took a walk to my old swimming hole. The water was clear, reflecting sun shining through the trees. This is a year round creek, tributary of the Rogue River.
DSC06567 (Copy)
We tromped the property to the second  gate and looked back at the house from afar. The former owner told me the property doesn’t flood where I wanted to build my house, but the county wouldn’t allow any other site except the narrow place the old mobile sat. But, a skinny little house will make an easy to maintain retirement home. It is covered with wild flowers in the spring and is zoned farm land. With chickens, a couple goats and a garden;  and steel head and trout in the river, sounds good to me.
Later in the day, I bought  my lighting fixtures. We couldn’t fit them all in my little car, so we’ll go back for the rest today. Got my flooring ordered which will arrive in a week. The cabinets get installed on Wednesday, electrical finished on Thursday, the day I drive back to Murphys. I’ll be making a return trip after my grandson’s graduation.

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