Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I went to see a cardiologist, but, while in Sacramento, I had lunch with two friends at the Tower Cafe. It is part of the old Tower Theatre complex, now restored and showing current and old movies. For the week of Halloween Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is playing. If you visit Sacramento, it isn’t far from the airport and mid-week  lunch, you can avoid the lines to get into the cafe. They have a huge parking lot out back.

The Tower is located at 16th and Broadway and when you approach you think omigosh, there is an oasis in the middle of the city! You can kind of get lost in among the plants and pots, and benches, on meandering garden paths where many diners choose to sit outside.

The inside is no different. You kind of wade through the stuff to find the bar, or the restrooms. It is funky and fun.

The walls, the ceilings, floors, posts, everything is covered with something to tease the eye and make you smile.

It is the type of place that if you visited it every week, you’d see something you missed the week before. You can hardly take it all in.

Food here is to brag about. You must come and try it for yourself. Marilyn, Galen and I got the waitress to take our picture.

Then we drove out to see a house that Galen has put a bid on, in the Natomas area of Sacramento.

I don’t see Sacramento friends very often, so we spent an hour at the Crawdad Cafe and enjoyed a beer while watching the restful Sacramento River flow by.

Crawdad’s is a floating restaurant, that rises with the river. Kind of interesting that the lowest parking area is underwater during wet years, but it doesn’t matter. I needed a fun, relaxing day.

The cardiologist, Dr. Denh, was a terrific doctor, but his artwork left a lot to be desired.
Surgery of any kind would be so much more pleasant at the Tower Cafe, don’t you think?
And, when I got home, I had a new heart in the mail from my friend Jan, in Sand Point, Idaho.

Unfortunately, it was made of candy.