Monday, October 22, 2012


When I bought this Shaman stick, I had no idea where I could put it or how to get it home. In Cortez, Colorado, the shipping store clerk called UPS and  FED-EX while we stood at the counter. Those options were not available. We were told it was too long. Admittedly, awkward in size and shape, with feathers that are somewhat delicate, black and white horsehair, a fox skull. Just walking down the street of Cortez brought some interesting looks and comments.

Comments from Jim were a bit more frustrating. “Where are you going to put it?  We don’t have room in the motor home. You need to take this thing back. Let’s be practical.”
We wired and hung it from the storage in the Motor Home, all the while Jim insisting that taking it back is the only practical thing to do. For me, practical and a work of art  don’t mix.
Several times over the phone he would offer, why don’t I cut it in half, ship it to you and you can put it together on your end. Being persistent, he found out that it COULD be shipped by UPS from New Mexico. Who knows why the difference? He told the clerk, “…a bent feather and I’m a dead man.”
It took some doing to figure out where to put it. But, since I only have myself to please, it looks fine to me in a corner of my living room.

It may not be conventional, but anyone who knows me is not surprised by that.

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