Monday, November 9, 2015


IMG_2665 (Copy) 
Early this morning, I heard a big turkey fight going on. The two males were flying at each other and gobbling and kind of trilling. They were a long way off and I didn't get pictures. Later, this group of 13 was fending off another smaller group. But when I closed in for the picture, the other group turned and ran.
IMG_2664 (Copy)
They made haste and I barely caught them moving away. I guess my presence put an end to the scrap.
IMG_2663 (Copy)

I think it is territorial. The bigger group just continued eating as soon as the others fled.
Turkeys aren't as dumb as they are reputed to be. At least the wild ones. My son gave a couple of dudes permission to come on the property once, just once. One chance to hunt turkeys. He instructed them, "You can't shoot toward the road, my house or my neighbor's house." They were dressed in camo, and the minute they got out of the truck, the birds beelined for the neighbors property. They didn't get a chance at one shot. Do they recognize camouflage? Or the sight of a gun?

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