Sunday, November 8, 2015


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I arrived in Oregon yesterday about dinner time. I opened a cupboard and saw a package of English muffins I'd forgotten to take home. I looked at it carefully and the muffins had no mold, no sign of having sat in a plastic bag inside of a cupboard since the 26th of September. That is 44 days. Plus,  I'd had the package at least 4 days before I left, maybe more.

My stomach was turning a bit at the thought of tasting one. But, I put it in the toaster, buttered it and took a bite. No off taste of mold or spoilage. Just stale and a bit dry.
I read the ingredients and compared it to my package of San Luis Sour Dough bread that I often buy and had with me.  The difference was chemical dough conditioners and chemical anti-molding agents.

I began to think of other breads I've eaten that stay as fresh a week after I buy them as the day I brought them home. I actually noticed this phenomena especially since they are whole grain, seeded loaves, described as "healthy". I kept thinking that maybe they are irradiating bread, something tried in the 60's, but people were just afraid of the word irradiating as in radiation and irradiation failed.

Now, it seems like we are being fed a load of chemicals. I don't know who to call and ask about the dangers of consuming this crap. I do know I'm not going to buy bread products with so many chemicals in them. Hopefully I'll be able to find an answer and share it with you.

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