Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A couple days ago, I had to have a dead tree removed.
DSC06740 (Copy)DSC06739 (Copy)The guy had it down and cleaned up very quickly and I thought, better than having 25 dead deer in your front yard.
Jan and I visited the Butte Fire recovery center and placed what we could donate on a board in front of Senders Market. When Jim and I visited the burn area Sunday, that board was gone. But, Sara Watson saw it in that short period of time and found my list of stuff to give away. She called me last night and I am happy to have found a home for my stuff. I guess that is serendipity.

The board of supervisors was leery of allowing people to move back on their property for fear of people getting sick from the ash and suing the county.  They finally voted to allow it and give people two years to rebuild if they sign a waiver that they assume all risk.  Seems practical to me.

From what Sara told me she has two families in mind for my stuff.  Families without insurance get around $30 to $39 in settlement monies. Tough to build living quarters for your family on that. Another family has 25 dead deer in their front yard. My problems seem pretty minuscule.

Jim has told me people would trade problems with me any day. One task I've set for myself is scanning all my family pictures to digitize on-line. He did my old family photos for me and since I met him, I have not had  pictures developed and printed. I have about 19 albums to go. It seems daunting, but...it is minuscule.

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