Thursday, September 11, 2014


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From our stay in Sequim, we drove to Salt Creek Campground, just for one night as we head West.  We drove to nearby Joyce to see an old 1911 General Store, continuously in business for over 100 years. The old gas pump is no longer working, of course.
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All old-time stores had a resident cat, I expect. This one did.
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The town was named for Joe Joyce and it was the center of all news and activity with a post office, still operating, and a bank, not operating.
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The old wood floors creak appropriately, with goods both modern and old.
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Old iron cookware.
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And, the latest magazines and rental movies.
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From there we drove out to look at Crescent Lake,  the deepest in the state. Formed by a glacier and not a soul boating or swimming.
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Back to the campground which sits right on the Straits of Juan De Fuca, we checked out the tide pools. Not much in them.
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Some kelp and a few snails clinging to it. The algae growth around here is a bright neon green.
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The tide wasn't at its lowest. So we'll check again this morning at about 8:30.
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It was fun to try and catch a big wave breaking over the rocks.
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Or a bird in flight.
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The rocks are steep here down to the water.
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Climbing back up to the top of the bluff, a tree balances on a protruding rock and feeds from the bank.
At dusk, two deer were posing in the campground.
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It is tempting to call this a black tailed deer, but it is in fact a mule deer.
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They are pretty tame. 

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