Friday, August 22, 2014


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While I sit in Monroe, I'm still playing tourist in La Conner from my picture file. I said it is a pretty town and it is. Some buildings have signs telling what it used to be in a distant past.
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I can still remember meat markets where the butcher chopped out a hunk of meat from whatever part of the carcass you wanted or could afford. For us, it was never the real meaty cuts. And, at that time, ready ground meat was unheard of. Now, the ubiquitous hamburger is everywhere. Just seeing this building brings back memories I hadn't thought about in years.
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Traveling as I do, I don't have pets anymore, so I manage to pet other people's. We meet dogs, mostly. This woman reminded me of my daughter with her pup in a stroller. The dog is 11 years old and needs a bit of help. All three were friendly and cute.
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Jim warned the owner before I got to this little cutie. "She's gonna want to take her picture."  She was a real beggar, looking for a treat, all smiles and sweetness.
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And, of course, we kept popping in and out of shops. I did most of the popping, Jim kind of hangs around the door and waits patiently for me. Three dimensional layers of cut and polished wood pieces make up this wall hanging at the Wood Merchants.
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Nice work
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At That's Knot All, an artists co-op, Sherry Shipley's colorful, firey horses galloped across a canvas.
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This ceramic plate reminded me of a rug. All local artist here. Run by volunteers. Neat.
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The owner of this gallery said I could take ONE picture. She had some beautiful stuff but I especially liked her blown glass light fixture.
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My neighbor brought me part of a cow skull. The birds eat the connecting tissue like cuttle bone and they soon fall apart. So, to have a full skull is rare unless you live near a (ugh) slaughter house. I would never have thought to decorate it with hundreds of pieces of turquoise.
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We ate lunch here at tables in the back, open to the fresh air and a view of the harbor. Great clam chowder and steamed clams.
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It surprises me what people do to guitars. This one is a wine rack.
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I kind of like the idea of spray painting some old shoes and using them to plant in.
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In the middle of town, on this main street, is a waterfall. A huge staircase leads to the top where the Quilt Museum is located. It has been a long time since I've been able to climb a huge staircase that goes up a steep hill.  I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the stairway because it was a small triumph for me.  I'll post the quilt show tomorrow.

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