Sunday, August 10, 2014


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Walking on top of the world, as we termed our hike in the Mount Baker area of the Cascades gives  a reward around ever turn of the way. The glacier is more prominent, the views constantly change and the air is heavenly. DSC07900 (Copy)

The flowers seem to pop up as the glacier recedes. It looks like you could just grab the edge of the ice and pick it up.
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On the slopes, in many places, the trees aren't the least bit stunted.
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The trees have their own selective method of deciding where they'll grow.DSC07929 (Copy)

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As we retreated, one last glorious view of the unknown mountain, that sounds like "shookshank". I looked online at maps and technical information and couldn't find the name of this very prominent peak.
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Another low growing beautiful alpine plant.
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Light green tips on this evergreen, show new growth. Spring is just arriving at this elevation, and summer is very short.
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In a small glacial pool, a reflection of the mystery peak.
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Bright green fern decorates the cold, gray stone.

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The cloud cover moves and teases your senses, as though any minute it will lift and you'll see the peak of Mt. Baker
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DSC07894 (Copy)

When we first arrived at the parking lot, Jim and I hiked above it and looked down. Had I known we were not seeing Mt. Baker, we might have hiked this side instead of the one we chose. But, in any case, I wedged myself on the edge of a drop off and took a picture through the trees at what I now know is Mt. Baker.
DSC07895 (Copy)
And then, a second shot. The black cloud lifted and there is a quick glimpse of Mt. Baker, the snow-covered base that rises to a 10,000 foot height. I know you won't believe this, but I did not know I had caught the base of the famous peak until I went through my picture selection this morning. It delighted me, Jim just grunted. What can I say. Men!!

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