Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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Jim and I have moved on to Monroe, Wa. where we are parked at Thunderbird Thousand Trails on the Skykomish River. But, I'm still blogging Anacortes because it has so many unique features, like this World War I Memorial Park. It is named for Vernon Causland a local vet killed during the war.
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War memorials are fairly common things to see as we travel about the country. This is the 2nd one we've seen designated a National Heritage Site. It is a beautiful and unique park. The single building, this gazebo type structure is at the front entrance.
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The park is fenced on two sides by unique rock walls. This is one corner.
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I walked along the side street, fascinated by the detailed work put into this wall.
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The wall undulates, dipping at places and higher at other spots.
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It curves into a side entrance.
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The walls are unique, but it isn't the only beautiful aspect of this park.
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It has sweeping vistas of tiered grassy seating and about an acre of lawn above this spot with beautiful trees and flowers. A very restful place.

I'll blog no more of Anacortes, but if you want to see the 40 pictures I took of Mitchell's Murals in a slideshow, click on the link below.
2014-8-15-Anacortes Murals Project

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