Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My last two blogs about Anacortes had photos of Bill Mitchell's murals. That's him in a photo I dragged off a website. His vision has certainly affected the town positively in multiple ways.  You can read all about Mitchell at the link below.
And the next link is of a couple who took pictures of some of Bills Murals and they met Bill and got some history about each one. Terrific job.
I took about 40 photos but some I like better than others. It is hard to choose a favorite.
DSC08122 (Copy)
Dennis is in front of the Post Office. Cute as can be.  I suspect he may have been a post master here or worked for the P.O. long ago. Mitchell likes history and does quite a bit of it in his work. He has over 150 murals in town.
DSC08130 (Copy)
Chuck Peterson was a Ferry Skipper then suffered a head injury. He retired to just be Chuck.  I'd like to meet him. Doesn't he look like a fun guy?
DSC08123 (Copy)
And, equally fun, this gal. I'd like to meet her, too. She reminds me of my sister. I have a picture of her sitting on my dining room table telling fortunes at a family wedding after party.
DSC08149 (Copy)
This dude loves his car. Me too!
DSC08210 (Copy)
Obviously a fisherman.
DSC08214 (Copy)
This is Steve Rydeburg, a "dirty" hippie, cleaned up. Used to have the best parties. I like his politics, the peace symbol he wears around his neck.
DSC08150 (Copy)
Jim  is a unique character. I told him to pose for a Bill Mitchell picture. This is what he looks like.
I wanted to load my album, but we are over our byte allotment, so it will have to wait until I can get a free signal somewhere. Maybe the library tomorrow.

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