Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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As I sat on my deck and read over a list of what I needed to pack for Bellingham, I caught a beautiful sunset on my last night in Murphys.  I’ve been away so long, preparation was almost as complicated as packing for my trip to Turkey.
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Since it’s  over two hours to get to the airport from where I live, I’m lucky to have family I can stay with the night before my flight. My son-in-law, Cedric, drove me to the airport in the morning.
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We enjoyed a glass of sangria and conversation on the patio. Since they will be moving to Australia before I return, I won’t see my daughter’s family until December, hopefully, if all goes as planned.
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Owen demonstrated his most recent skill learned at Circus Camp. Its called flower toss, proof that the hand is quicker than the eye, at least the eye of the camera. He can flip the third flower stick into the air, but I’d miss it every time, his hands just a blur.
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Jim picked me up at the airport and we drove to our campsite in Birch Bay. He got a recommendation for a restaurant right on the water front, called VIA BIRCHBAY.
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From the windows we could watch clammers cavorting around at low tide. Most were actually digging for clams, something I’ve never had an opportunity to do. Maybe this week.
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So, of course, we ordered the aioli pesto and parmesan stuffed clams. I can’t say enough how delicious they were. We ordered more toasts and slurped up every bit of the broth in the bottom of the dish.
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Since the appetizer was so good, I chose another in place of an entree, Seafood Moltov with garlic in a brandied cream sauce, topped with smoked mozzarella. Yum. It had scallops, shrimp,mussels and clams. To die for. Very rich food has been off the table for me for a long time, but, we don’t do it often. We spent a leisurely afternoon, catching up, and realized with my sisters death, my trip to turkey, and family reunion, I only spent six weeks since last October in the Motor Home.
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I enjoyed a Black & Jack brew, new to me. It was good beer, and the breeze was delightful coming through the open windows. I took a picture of the colorful bartender. Jim has a theory that people who dress for display, tatoos, piercings and multiple rings, want to be looked at. I enjoy colorful anything, and that includes people. I want to go back once more before we leave. Great place. If you visit Birch Bay, don’t miss VIA.

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