Saturday, July 12, 2014


Amending our precious constitution is not something to be done lightly. It takes a serious issue and serious consideration for that to happen. The Supreme Court’s Decision Citizens United  certifying forever that a corporation is a citizen was such an offense to the American people that the movement for an amendment began almost immediately in 2010. One columnist stated, “…it won’t happen in my lifetime.”

Well, friends, guess what?  That very amendment passed out of the Judiciary Committee and will soon come up for a vote in the full United States Senate. Do everything you can to help it pass. Write or call your Senators and Representatives and let them know our Democracy should not be hijacked by corporate money and interests.

Like one soldier said:  I’ll believe a corporation is a citizen when I see one come home in a body bag.” The Amendment is supported by 80 per cent of the American people.

Here is what the amendment will do:

It will restore a First Amendment that has been grievously wounded by the Supreme Court’s confounding inability to distinguish between speech and money, between people and corporations.

It will give Congress and the states authority to keep corporate election spending from drowning out the voices of everyday citizens.

It will allow We the People to end the outside spending — by super PACs and “dark money” outfits  that corrodes our democracy no matter what side of the political fence they are on.

It will RESTORE limits on the total amount the super-rich can donate to candidates, parties and PACs or spend on their own self-financed campaigns.

It will give us the freedom to replace our current system of legalized political bribery with a robust public financing system.

There will be big money opposition from those who like the power to run a country and overwhelm the citizens one presidential candidate called sheep and followers.  But, don’t listen to the strident, scaremongers who are attempting to turn our country into a two class society, the rich and the poor. This amendment will help the middle class rise again. We should all be stakeholders in our country and have our first amendment rights for THE PEOPLE only.

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