Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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Keeping up acreage has its disadvantages. I'm lucky a young friend of mine, Bob Urban, is a tree expert and he takes care of my trees. He came with his new best friend, Daisy. She enjoyed herding my chickens, but doesn't harm them. He has a coop full of his own.
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Mark Piehl, left, and my grandson, Stewart finished a new stretch of replacement fence. They worked 8 hours and did some heavy lifting, trenching around the new coop and wiring out a fox, just a few tasks I put them through, while I fetched tools and pointed to the next task. They kept me running. I couldn't wait until they left so I could sit in my chair and be old.
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Mason washed down the house, scrubbed the walls, face boards and gutters, then scraped loose paint off the deck and painted patches getting ready to repaint. The prep works is harder than the paint job itself.
I remember when I could work hard and fast. But, as poet Gregory Orr says, If we are not supposed to dance, why all the Music?  Those three busy days are behind me. Today, I'm going to dance....ah, no, I'm kidding myself. I have to do some shopping. Darn.

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