Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday, I spent most of the day with Damiann Kegney, a friend of my son’s. Damiann showed me  condos for sale, since she is also a real estate agent for Century 21. I like Washington and Oregon, Portland in particular. Vancouver is close to Portland’s good restaurants and theatre, art, etc.  Our  travel adventure, but also a bit of business thrown in.  Wouldn’t it be nice to spend summers in the Northwest where its cool and Winter in Murphys?  We had a great lunch and lots of laughter, in any case.
Dipping back once again, on our way to Vancouver, we stopped at the Washington side of the Bonneville dam and watched their fish  count through  murkey windows

Interesting statistics in their educational program about salmon make me appreciate every bite of salmon I eat. Salmon decline was first noticed officially in 1983.  Fish and Game conservatively estimate 12 million salmon spawned up this River system 200 years ago. The three rivers that flow to sea in this area are  dammed in 15 places. Current salmon spawn is less than one million. It wasn’t only the dams. Cattle trample eggs, fish habitat is altered, sewage, chemical fertilizers, mechanical fishing equipment, stream side habitat erosion causes silt.  All contribute to fish decline. It costs millions to try to save the salmon.
On a cheerier note, not at all related to salmon, is the chess collection I saw at Maryhill. I have a link to 30 pictures if you’d like to look at them.

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