Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Part of the drive yesterday from Florence to just south of Newport is called the Devil's Churn. The road hugs the rugged coast line and seems permanently enshrouded in a light gray vapor. Beautiful.
With no place to stop, all pictures are through the windows.
Yachats sits close to the rocks and water. Its a small, artsy looking place reminding me of Santa Cruz, CA. in the 50's. Probably a fun and expensive place to live. We've seen gas in Oregon for $3.71, but here it is $4.09.
I spotted another beautiful art deco bridge. Its tough to shoot a subject this big from the windows and the next thing I knew we were on it.
 Regrettably,  they'll all be gone some day just like the ferries that preceded them.
We can see and walk to the beach from our Thousand Trails Whalers Rest, which we will probably do tomorrow. They rent crab rings and have huge cookers available for your use. I immediately quizzed the staff about crabbing and didn't get encouraging news. Crabbing was good in December and January. It's tapered off.  You can't crab from the beach, its necessary to go to Newport off the docks or rocks. Those easily accessible places are over fished and you may get small red crabs which have little meat, and are tough to clean, but don't count on it. Plus you can't take females or small ones.  June, is a better month. They'll be grown up by then. It's cheaper and easier to just go to a fish place and buy them.
Of course, I've heard THAT before. Its cheaper and easier to go buy apples too. But, I planted a tree anyway.
Some welcome sunshine warmed us in the afternoon and we hiked the hilly park and spent as much time as possible outside. The rhodies are flamboyant.

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