Saturday, April 23, 2011


I got these pictures from an email. Now, tell me, would you drive your family over this OMIGOD bridge?
I think Jim and I should haul one of these behind the motor home in case we have a fight. I can send him to the "doghouse" for the night.
I'm glad Jim is a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Hey, when you are in a fix, just fix it yourself.
Do you think the Highway Patrol would stop this load as unsafe? How did that guy get on top of that load of papers anyway?
When I look at these, I wonder what happens if the cow decides to move. It doesn't look like it's tied down, nor comfortable.
 If the sheep bolts....? There are two of them. That guy has to be strong.

This is what used to happen here before we had OSHA. (Occupational safety laws.)
Gotta get that refrigerator home somehow.
Can't we get one more person on?  Of course, I'm poking fun, but, its truly innovative how these people from poorer countries manage to make the most of their resources. Not safe, nor recommended, but admirable even so. Especially the loads the Chinese manage on bikes. Incredible.
Load hauling at its most economical.

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