Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some of you know I own a Prius, a 2001 model, the first to come to the U.S. I still drive it an appreciate the mileage savings. However, check this out:

The wave engine pictured above was developed by Michigan State University researchers, it’s the size of a cooking pot and can burn just about any kind of fuel. It does so in a way that shaves weight from the vehicle and is up to 3.5 times more efficient than an ICE engine, meaning better fuel efficiency and up to 90% less CO2. Spinning at high speeds sends a shockwave through the device, igniting air and whatever fuel happens to be used. Simple, light, cheap, and effective.
However, it will not directly replace an engine or transmission setup, but rather it could work as a range-extender for plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Wave Disk spins very fast, generating a lot of energy from a very small package that could dramatically lower the weight of hybrid vehicles while improving the fuel efficiency. For example, a Chevy Volt typically gets around 36 MPG in charge-sustaining mode, but with a Wave Disk engine, it could get closer to 100 MPG while in charge-sustaining mode.
All of this information comes from the blog Gas.2.0

The U.S. government has invested over 2 million dollars into this green technology. How is that for a transition from big oil to whatever other innovations coming down the line.

Another busy day for me. Its nice to be able to borrow information from others. I wanna drive forever. And, get a wave in my Motor Home.

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