Saturday, April 9, 2011


Young and old theatre fans will enjoy Lend Me A Tenor, which plays at the Black Bart Playhouse in Murphys  two more times, tonight at 8 p.m. and on Sunday, a matinee. If you call the box office at 209-728-8422, you can reserve seats. I didn't take pictures because I was so captivated by the play, I didn't even think about getting my camera out. Until later. The cast of eight provided a delightful romantic comedy, a delicious romp! Fast action with a terrific set for this energetic play. Get thee to Murphys, go, go,go.
I have to mention that the director Terri Wilson did a magnificent job, as did a talented and flawless cast of this relatively young play company, Murphys Creek Theatre.
I attended the play with my neighbor, Karen, (left) whom I've known for three years. We met friends, Tami and David Chestnut there, whom we have both known for approximately 30 years, yet we did not know we had  friends in common. Karen and Tami attended each others weddings, and have many other mutual friends as well.
David Chestnut stood in front of the 1930's set, which made me realize I hadn't taken any photos of the cast. They flitted off stage quickly after a thundering, "Noises Off" type ending, and I couldn't go back stage because everyone was getting undressed.
Besides, it was happy old home week for Karen, and I got to take pictures of shoes in the lobby for my daughter Kristanne.
I love this series of paintings by the same artist, (whose name I could not read, Vern something,) because they tell a story. The paintings make you speculate at what is going on above the feet. A kiss maybe?
Maybe sharing that experience with a girlfriend over a glass of wine.
Or maybe the evening ended on a different note, personal reflection? Or something else?
Did he never call again?  Fun!

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