Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I flew into Ashville last May to rejoin Jim on the road. My only regret was staying but one day in Ashville, a fantastic town to visit. They have beautiful old mansions set into the hillsides. Living in the Sierra's has made me fond of articulated terrain.
 A part of the past preserved in a fun way. The old Woolworth building  is no longer a 5 and 10 cent store. It has all manner of goods, art, gifts, utensils, etc.
 And a delightfully preserved  Cafe Counter with a similar menu from days of old.

History with a bit of humor in this bulls-eye made of bricks. It marks the spot where the tallest building in town was host to several jumpers during the Wall Street crash of 1929. 
 A fantastic arts district. I'm of the opinion that a place can be judged by its art. For the size of the city, its arts presence is immense.
It follows that you will have creative, intelligent people, innovative city services, great food and attractive amenities.
When I return to Ashville, it will be with a truck so I can haul home treasures and open up a store.
I want a door just like this...
...and a counter table sitting on bowling balls to serve coffee on the deck. Ahhh!

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