Monday, November 8, 2010


One of my favorite places to visit this year was the Marigny District of New Orleans. Its a colorful, heavily gay/lesbian community with great art, friendly people and wonderful food. We spent part of Mardi Gras there, touted as the best part of Mardi Gras by some locals we talked to. Here are some interesting pictures of the area. Where else would you see a bunny eared woman riding her bike around town?

 If you have old shovels and pitch forks, they make great wall sized outdoor art.
 This guy was in a hurry and wouldn't turn around for me.  His back was to the sun.
 Grafitti here is like a sport. The windows of this building are painted over, but its open for business. We never did figure out WHAT business but we are guessing children were not allowed.
 Quite a few restaurants have musicians. This guy was quite entertaining and funny, too.
 Even the birds seemed unthreatened and friendly.
 Phone booths are fair game now that they are unused.
The local bulletin board had literally thousands of staples stuck in the wood. 

 The owner of this shop occasionally sits out front and chats with passersby. I loved the chair, of course.
A dog lovers door.

An inviting door knocker turned art. I'd love to return to The Marigny.

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