Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday, Jim wanted to talk to his grand kids. He arranged to talk to them on-line from computer to computer. It was kind of fun though the kids kept giggling because our voices sounded like munchkins. We could hear them quite clearly. There is a sound gap. The lips move but hearing takes a second to catch up. Not perfect by any means, but at least you get to see the kids in a room, interacting. Eric showed his Halloween mask. Jaime has big feet! Whoa!  Big sister Jocelyn is the "boss" with a capitol B.

 I expect the technology will get much better on the free side. I'm really, really tired of the BS at AT&T. Service is not a word in their vocabulary. Just send money is what they like best. Its very much the same for a lot of companies. Maybe we could have an Automatic By-pass Voice-mail device. 
I have a friend who just signed up for Magic Jack and he can talk to his friends in Germany by way of computer for about $20 bucks a year. I'm looking into other services trying to find something affordable for a person who spends a lot of time on the road. Being mobile as much as we are requires a different mind set.
But, other technologies I'd like to see?

My all time favorite would be an Automatic Garage Cleaner. Why can't they build something that would allow you to close the door, press a button and everything would immediately fly back into its correct place? I would LOVE that.

Or, how about an Automatic Recycler. You pop everything into the bin and the machine would sort it into appropriate collection bags. White paper here, newsprint, paste board, aluminum, glass, rejects, etc. Hey, I could go for that in a big way.

And an Automatic Pet Cleaner-upper. Shedding hair would disappear into the vacuum the cat has to pass to get to its food. Poops and urine would never reach the rug or bedspread. Kibble would immediately jump back into the bowl. I know a lot of people who would buy one of those. 

How about scanning the fine print on directions, insurance policies and contracts, on-line and off, and the Fine Print Decoder Scanner would automatically decipher anything that you need to be careful about. Or a Common Sense Detector for those who are impaired.
Or better yet, a Political BS Detector. Lies turn the speakers nose red and it squeaks. And the Fine Print Decoder  would clear up the obfuscation on ballot initiatives. Could have used that yesterday.

Jim wants technology for Truth in advertising and a silencer for news anchors that detects when things are untrue. He wants technology that would make gas cheaper. I'd like technology that would eliminate petroleum for vehicles and soda pop and just use it for other products, like toys. A lot of people don't know that carbonated soft drinks are no longer "naturally" carbonated. They are infused with petroleum bubbles. One guy who makes and sells the stuff doesn't recommend drinking the stuff.   Hmmm! Better watch what we wish for.  Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean healthier.

 Oh, well. Thank goodness there are better minds than mine working on these things.

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