Thursday, November 18, 2010


 As fall begins to pitch its crisp, cold mornings, lavish sun drenched afternoons and cold nights, you know this is perfect fall weather. I begin to watch the fading flowers, dropping and yellowing leaves and know its a trade off, but a good one.  Jim watches the weather report with trepidation since snow is sure to come this weekend.
 It rarely gets worse than a pleasant dusting as it did last year about this time.
I still have a few straggling tomatoes and some basil on my deck. My plum tree hasn't shed its leaves yet.
Pictures are like magic.  If I get weary of the winter weather, I can easily resort to my pictures and bring back summer flowers and sunny memories.

At least posting flowers takes my mind off of food for awhile. I keep dreaming of all the great special dishes to prepare for Thanksgiving.

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