Thursday, May 12, 2016


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My sister-in-law Theresa...
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...and brother Clark hosted a Mother's Day bash. Clark is a genius at the barbeque with ham, tri-tip and chicken and sweet potatoes.
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Theresa's siblings and daughters, like her, are good cooks. Whitney, above with their Dad, My injured arm limits my typing, so I'll be brief.

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Tommy and Mariana.  Clark's nephew, Tommy is older than he is. They grew up together on the same street and still hang out together.

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Theresa prepared a table full of snacks and cheeses. Everything is double yum.

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Theresa's mom, also a great cook, most likely where Theresa and her siblings learned.

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Her Dad, with one of the great grandchildren, Gabriella.

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Brother Bill also had a birthday May 8th. He is 78 years young; an avid volunteer.

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Estella with her family, I don't know all the names...
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Ken and Laurie made room at the snack table.
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 The cheeses and cookies beckoned all.

...DSC08102 (Copy)

Clark enjoys his role as grandad to Theresa's grandkids.

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Virginia with Owen and Theo. Owen sent me a note that he is driving now and warned me I have enough time to move to Alaska.Theo will be my partner in India in December.

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The food was exceptional and since I can't cook very well, I went home with Doggie Bags. And all mothers took home a beautiful petunia. Doug brought mega cans of cookies, his specialty.

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