Thursday, February 5, 2015


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I tried to find out who the mystery Santa is who left a Christmas Card in my physical Email box. No one will fess up. Yesterday, I found a second one, only the mystery Santa made sure I'd get it. It was in my regular mail box. This Santa likes valentines day. Hmmm!

I've called every neighbor who passes by my box and knows me well besides Cindy and Gary who said it wasn't them. Sharon and Bert, Brian, Suzy and Ron, Sherry and Rob, Karen, Jan, Patty and Ott. I have two more households to reach today that were not home when I called. But then?

Neighbor Kristi Darby says, just accept it and "Get a life." To you Kristi, I have a life. Every morning I get on this machine and learn something. I learned this morning that sewage water that goes through a treatment plant is pure enough to drink. Actually I'd heard that before but this time, The Brewing Company from Hillsborough, Oregon is making Poop beer. They have permission from the powers that be to do it. And, they are posing an important question. Why use precious well water to grow thirsty almonds. How about recycled "poop" water? You have to be innovative if you are a Californian. And, Kristi, only part of my life is spent in the morning on this machine. So, when I get some poop beer, I'm going to invite you over for a sip! We already know you are full of shit.

In the meantime, I'm searching for the mystery Santa because I want to laugh WITH that Santa. I'm so glad I live in this neighborhood.

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