Saturday, October 30, 2010


Somewhere between Raising Hell and  Amazing Grace is the Neighborhood Witch, Jan Stewart. I'm sure she didn't start out to be a witch, but it happens every year about this time.

 She brews up potions. She claimed to be out of eye of newt, but this stuff looks suspicious to me. It had a medicinal taste. Yes, we tried it.
 This one was not finished brewing.
 This one was very sweet. Witches do not use alcohol, but you'd never know it to taste this stuff.
She claims to have eyeballs in the jar above, none of us were brave enough to trust to a taste test.
And this, believe it or not, is a decorated jawbone of a buffalo. Indians used them as weapons, Jan uses them in spells. You may think this is fake, but it is a real buffalo jaw bone. Some witches are quite creative.
I don't know if this helps explain anything or not, but, its the parking sign in her yard. We know to laugh a lot in our neighborhood. I think this part is Hell Raising. Hope you enjoy Halloween.


Jeannie said...

Hi, I am wondering if you can tell me where to find the mug in the photo? Green one that says somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace. I just broke my husbands mug like that one. He's had it for years and it's his favourite , of course. ☹️ Hoping you can help.

Mary Matzek said...

Jan is my neighbor and I'll ask her where she got it.