Monday, February 8, 2010


My husband was a "49er Faithful" and he would have loved this game. Those who remember those long dry years couldn't help but empathize with the Saints fans.
Jim and I met a lot of them as we traveled across Louisiana. One young bartender we met commented, "Well, I almost hope they don't win so we can show them we love them anyway." I'm sure she was just fearful.
In that same bar, Jim met a guy who was lamenting and celebrating at the same time. He had sold his Super Bowl tickets for $6,000. An amazing sum, and given the heated feelings, believable.
One fellow told me he didn't have to wear a paper bag anymore. I didn't understand the significance until later. Another woman described play-by-play, several Saints high points from past games. Then she said, "Well, if they lose, the Colts are my second favorite team." Hedging!
We began to get pretty excited about the Saints.
Yesterday, we parked 7 miles from New Orleans and decided, just before kick-off, to go looking for a Super Bowl party. We stopped at a local sportsbar in Westwego, and the place was practically empty. "The bartender told us, we've got ribs on the barbeque in back, good stuff cooking, the party hasn't started yet."
We decided to get something to eat and saw the end of a parade and a phalanx of cops and knew we were not in a position to be out and about in a strange town. We returned home for our television set, champagne and popcorn. Wahoo!! What a game. We felt like we were part of this historical game without being in the stands or with the crowds on Bourbon Street. I guess I'm now a bonified Saints fan.

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