Saturday, February 13, 2010


Historically, signs were meant to guide people who couldn’t read. They never seemed to need a picture to direct them to the pub, but the shoemaker or scribe…well, that was another matter. In any case, signs are a good thing. There are a lot of people who can read but don’t bother, I’ve noticed.

Sometimes the people who initiate a sign aren’t always clear about what they mean. Does this mean to wreck slowly so the impact of your crash will be easier? Or the wreck ahead is slow? By the time you consider, you are in the middle of it.

Why not just put up a bigger sign that reads this road is narrow, muddy, steep, full of chuck holes, has sharp curves and you can’t turn around on it? That way we wouldn’t have gone there.

Now this is what a sign was meant to be, you know you’ll get a cup of something hot to drink even if you don’t read the the words coffee at the bottom.

This sign is clever and also gets the point across.

But this one really lets you know what you’re in for if you stop at their roadside coffee shop. Hopefully the coffee is better than their spelling.

I don’t know when it became popular to let you know when you are entering a new city. But its a good thing be it crude like the one for Wimer, Oregon…

…or fancy like this one for LaConner, Washington.

Now this is a good thing to know when you enter the town that marks the first kilometer of the Death Train, in Thailand. At least the city has nice people. In Thailand a sign costs one price for Thai, higher for Thai and Chinese and higher still for Thai and English.

But the signs you really want to pay attention to are where not to poop the dog. The people above were quite polite about it. No, No, not here!

Parks and municipalities are graphically clear about the issue. Can’t misread that sign.

Pooping the dog in the wrong yard can actually get you or your dog killed. It has happened. I think its called doggy poop rage. You’ve been warned!!!

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