Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Looking at an abbreviated Christmas season, I found myself happily and busily connecting with old friends. At this Christmas brunch, I encountered Betty Prescott, one of those amazing women who is an inspiration to all who know her. At 85, she is still downhill skiing and managed to go five times this year.
A mutual friend, Eleanor Hauselt, an old friend now gone, was rafting the Grand Canyon in her 70's and walked the Milford Tract in her 80's and was a cancer survivor in her 90's.
Lucy Tryon road horseback across the plain in Spain in her 80's.
Dutton Smith broke her leg in her 80's skiing and finally hung them up two yeas ago. Defiantly.
I love it.
I wanna be just like them. Never quit.
Being over the hill can be exciting if the downward slope is loooooong.

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