Monday, December 7, 2009


Incomparable beauty. It snowed in lovely drifts, melted a bit and then continued to pile on the white stuff until it reached about a foot deep. I plunged into clean, undisturbed surfaces to the mail box, and through the yard, quite fascinated by changes wrought to ordinary views. A perfect day to stoke up the wood stove, and hunker down to a project one never has time to do. I wrote a couple letters; examined a half finished scrap book, but couldn't finish it without a copymaker because the storm also brought a power outage.
Managed to fry a couple eggs and heat water for tea on top of the wood stove. While it was pleasant and relaxing, doing without power for five hours is unsettling. It presses home our dependence on computers, electric lights, tools and appliances. Even the gas, on-demand, water heater didn't work without its electric thermostat, nor the portable phones we have that plug in the wall. Hmmm! We're so connected.
In Calaveras County, Bear Valley Ski Area will be gloriously happy, as I was at first. I'm done complaining, I'm just glad the power is back. (And I give Jim a bad time about being a weather whimp.)

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