Thursday, December 10, 2009


Pounding a piece of molten metal on an anvil is undergoing a revival in western communities. Paul Quyle has been teaching blacksmithing for twenty years. (Paul wasn't available the day I visited. His students were on their own.)
More and more women participate in the craft as evidenced in this class. Students have a choice to pound and shape on the anvil, the "old fashioned" way...
...or use this power hammer above.
Most of them use both methods in combination for their projects. Forging a hand wrought piece to place in your home is difficult and time consuming. They take great pride in their work even it its just a simple hook or spoon.
This renaissance in heritage crafts is popular in the western foothill communities and in places like Colonial Williamsburg, and in Texas and Wyoming. There is a North American Blacksmiths association at:
It seems strange that some people actually earn a living as a blacksmith.

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